Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding Makeup Pink Chic

Wedding Makeup Pink Chic

Soft sparkles of pinks and plums give this wedding makeup a chic, natural glow.

Lori uses a vibrant purple eyeshadow to line the eyes for this look instead of black. Pale pink and a toasty plum highlight the eyelids for a clean look.

Get This Look

The Prettiest Pink Beauty Box is a set of perfectly matched eyeshadows, blush and face powder that takes the guesswork out of choosing your color palette.

Our model is wearing Baby Lips Line and Lacquer, an all-in-one lip color solution that's great for touch-up applications throughout the day and evening.

Professional Makeup Brushes are a "must-have" in Lori's kit for makeup that looks as natural in person is it does in wedding photos.

False eyelashes like our Lush Lashesand a coat of mascara will help define and "open" your eyes for photos.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Perfect Wedding Makeup


Wedding makeup. How to get the perfect wedding makeup. Wedding makeup tips for your wedding. There are three basic ways you can get the perfect bridal,

  1. You can do it yourself
  2. a good friend or family member to do makeup or
  3. hire a professional.

This all is a great way to get a good makeup done for your marriage.

How did you decide to get wedding makeup, always make sure that you test before your big day. In this way you can complete the look and really decide the look you want to share. You want to test that everything looks perfect for the big day. If the entire bridal party getting their makeup done, decided as a group basis appeared to be deceptively simple and elegant in every person. Make sure that this is also decided before the big day.

As far as the makeup you apply for a simple wedding is always special. Softly glowing cheeks a natural pink, pink natural red lips, with the right touch of eye makeup. This is a favorite for many brides. Here are some basic photos of the wedding makeup styles. For more wedding tips see the video below.